Habitate Nursery & Taste Nature Gardens Open Day 2016

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Habitate Nursery & Taste Nature Gardens Open Day 2016We warmly invite you to our annual nursery open day, this year its combined with Taste Nature Gardens (http://www.tastenature.co.nz/the-garden/).

Bring a blanket and soak up the goodness of this diverse and beautiful productive permaculture property.

Dont miss the fruit tastings of heritatge fruits and our 2016 catalogue release.

Courtyard + Wildflowers + Herbs + Key hole Vegetable Beds

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Keyhole shaped raised vegetable beds and herbs are placed close to the kitchen in this steep city garden. Ornamental plantings are inspired by wildflower meadows and are beautiful and brilliant for bees and insects too.

Planting was completed  September 2016 so we look forward to the plants filling in. In early 2015  we completed a full section concept plan for the property and constructed the courtyard, gardens and orchard over 2015-16.

Patio with wildflowers


Vegetable Beds Before and After

Vegetable and Herb Beds: Before (Left) and After (Right). We created these macrocara raised beds in keyhole shapes that fit into the hillside and allow easy all around access to the beds. They also give maximum garden bed area in a small space. Planted as soon as they were completed in November they have been very productive in their first summer.


Keyhole Vegetable Beds

Here ornamental grasses combine with herbs, softening the front of the raised vegetable beds.

Culinary Herbs & Grasses

The path to the glasshouse.

Courtyard wildflowers Coneflowers & Lemon Balm


Echinacea is an exquisite North American medicinal prairie plant, it combines beautifully with ornamental grasses and is loved by bees and butterflies.

Pergola & Lights

A Redwood & Macrocapa pergola with a built in bench seat provides a sense of enclosure and screening from the street.

Pergola End & Stone Wall


Chokeberry – delicious berries and beautiful autumn colour

Entry Path

Sweeping sleeper steps between new stone walls provide a private entrance to the new courtyard. (photo at completion)

Rudbeckia Chocolate

Native Rainbow grass and meadow flowers at the house entry – photo one year after planting

Chocolate Cosmos

Meadow Entry

A bright and naturalistic meadow garden makes for a welcoming street frontage. Native rainbow grass is combined with rudbeckia, chocolate cosmos, red-hot pokers and anise hyssop, providing food and habitat for bees and birds.

Habitate Concept Edible Planting Plan

Our Concept Planting Plan