Fruit Tree Pruning – An Interview with Maureen Howard

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Jason shares his deep understanding of FRUIT TREE PRUNING on the Eco Living in Action radio show, originally aired on 12 July 2012 on Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. You can listen to the podcast at—Eco-Living-In-Action-Show—Backyard-Biodiversity.mp3?_uid=1402872917-838-13

Maureen Howard hosts a Pruning Workshop Waitatihalf-hour sustainable living radio show called Eco Living in Action that is aired on Otago Access Radio 105.4FM every Thursday from 2.30pm -3pm.

From making your own cleaning products to composting, recycling, keeping chooks and reducing your carbon footprint, Maureen and her guests will inspire you with practical, everyday solutions that make a difference.

To listen to previous podcasts or to listen to the radio station online go to

FRUIT TREE PRUNING on the Eco Living in Action radio showMaureen is a fantastic sustainable living educator. She is contracted to the Dunedin City Council to provide information to the community on waste minimisation and sustainable living 

For more information about what Maureen does, please contact Maureen by email


Edible Entry Garden Design

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

The main entry path to these enthusiastic and playful food growers home plows straight through the best growing area on the property. In this design a combination of beautiful ‘welcome home’ gardens, structural and functional evergreen shrubs are employed to keep the entry a pleasure to arrive home to while also offering glimpses of the delicious fresh food growing in raised beds close behind.

Beauty, aesthetics, outdoor living spaces and yes even lawns are important aspects of creating successful permacuture gardens. Because the more time we spend outside enjoying our gardens the more we will also use and harvest from the edible plantings.

Edible-Entry Edible-Entry-ThumbA moveable chicken fence system was settled on, allowing rotation of the chickens through orchard and berry areas, for benefit of both. Chickens will provide maintenance, fertility and eggs, while tilling areas of garden in which some of their own food will be grown seasonally.

Yoga lawn, chickens, wildflowers, herbs, dye plants, orchard, glasshouse, vegetable beds

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

and don’t forget to include the clothes line and the kids trampoline!

These were just some of the features that I recently helped a busy young family work into an edible landscape plan for their very steep six hundred square metre section in Port Chalmers.Sun-Ray-Garden









The final layout integrated and clustered features using permaculture design principles for low maintenance and maximum diversity and yield. The vegetable garden, glass house and chickens, for example, are clustered around the yoga lawn in a funky sun ray pattern.




Three hand drawn concept+ designs resulted: A planting Plan, Hard Landscape Layout and a colour area theme  sketch.